The Pinot Bianco Wine And Food Experience

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Pinot Bianco Wine And Food Pairing

Pinot Bianco grapes on the vine

Pinot Bianco - An Italian-style grape

What You Need To Know About Pinot Bianco Wine And Food

Pinot Bianco is the Italian version of the Pinot Blanc grape found in many European countries, California and Oregon, and eslewhere. Pinot Bianco has a light, neutral aroma. It is highly acidic and fruity. In Italy it is made into a light, fruity wine. The best Pinot Bianco wines usually come from northeastern Italy, in particular the Fruili-Venezia Guili and Alto-Adige (part of Alto-Adige Trentino) regions. Suggested food pairings include Duck l'Orange. Pinot Blanc marries well with many fish, seafood, and pasta dishes.

Pinot Bianco starts very inexpensively but I would hesitate to spend less than $12. In this price range look for the full-bodied Alois Lageder with tropical fruit and a bit of minerals. A bargain. In my area it goes for about $20 which is not a bargain at all. In the $18 range try to find Lageder's Pinot Bianco Alto Adige Haberlehof with pineapple, honey, and peaches aromas and taste. In the $28-30 range you may be happy with a Jermann Pinot Bianco Friuli-Venezia Giulia that tastes of melon, spice, apricot, and vanilla. Don't age it.

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