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Tocai Friulano Wine And Food Pairing

Tocai Friulano wine bottles

Don't confuse Italian Tocai Friulano with Hungarian Tokay, one fabulous sweet wine

What You Need To Know About Tocai Wine And Food

Tocai is a fruity white wine from the Fruili region of northeastern Italy. It may have a mineral taste. Suggested food pairings include Monkfish and Seafood.

Tocai starts at about $11 a bottle. For starters try the Di Lenardo Tocai Friulano Grave del Friuli Toh! at that price. It's medium bodied tasting of apple, peach, minerals, and spices. Then for about $35 go with the Dario Raccaro, Tocai Friulano Collio. This one is full bodied tasting of flint, peach, minerals, and white pepper. It's a fine wine but you'll have to decide if it's worth three times the first one. The Jermann Tocai Italico is about as good as it gets in the $75 range. It is very elegant and rich. The main flavors include peach and vanilla but there are notes of ginger, minerals, and pepper. Some say that this winery makes the best whites in all Italy.

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