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Pinot Gris Wine And Food Pairing

Oregon Pinot Gris winery

Oregon is a major producer of Pinot Gris

What You Need To Know About Pinot Gris Wine And Food

Pinot Gris wines are yellow to golden with a low acid level and a long, dry fruity palate. They are harvested early in Italy, and much later in Alsace and Germany, where they may yield a sweet late-harvest wine. The varietal label Pinot Gris tends to indicate a full-bodied Alsace or German style wine tasting of bitter almonds, earth, and ginger. In contrast the label Pinot Grigio usually indicates a lighter, dry Italian-style wine. Enjoy Pinot Gris with Catfish, Cod, Red Snapper, Poached Salmon, and Tuna.

Pinot Gris starts at about $9-12 a bottle. One good and very inexpensive offering is the J & F Lurton Pinot Gris Mendoza (Argentina). It has citrus peel, butter, floral and peach flavors. The Ponzi Pinot Gris Willamette Valley (Oregon) is about $17. It's refreshing and and spicy with pear and citrus flavors. This is not a wine for aging. The Cave Vinicole Hunawihr Pinot Gris Alsace L'Unabelle Reserve will run you about $19. It has tangy citrus and white peach flavors and fine acidity. None of these wines should be aged.

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