The Lambrusco Wine And Food Experience

Lambrusco Wine And Food Pairing

American Lambrusco wine label

Lambrusco Wine, often Italian, sometimes American

What You Need To Know About Lambrusco Wine And Food

Lambrusco is a fizzy red, white, or rosé wine from northern Italy. It is the best selling Italian wine in the United States, where it is sometimes produced. This wine is meant to be drunk young. Lambrusco is dry or slightly sweet and often tastes of ripe cherries. Suggested food pairings for dry Lambrusco include Catfish or a picnic meal. Suggested food pairings for sweet Lambrusco include fruit.

Lambrusco starts at about $6 a bottle. For about $10 a good choice is the NV Cà Dè Medici “Cubista” Lambrusco Riserve. It is zesty with lots of raspberry and plum tastes. This wine could be a real bargain. In the $15 range try the Albinea Canali Ottocentenero Sparkling Dry Lambrusco a red semi-sparkling wine with rich berry flavors. Red and sparkling (at least frizzy). When was the last time you had such a combination? If you are ready to spend about $20 on a Lambrusco try the Medici Ermete Concerto a red sparkler with plenty of fruit especially strawberries.

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