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Nebbiolo Wine And Food Pairing

California Nebbiolo vineyard

California, here I come partly for your Nebbiolo

What You Need To Know About Nebbiolo Wine And Food

Nebbiolo is one of the finest red grapes of Italy. It is also grown in small quantities in Argentina, Australia, Switzerland, Uruguay, and California. Its juice is high in acid, alcohol, and tannin content. It should be aged for years in small oak barrels to develop a rich, fruity wine that ages well. Nebbiolo can develop into sparkling or still dry or sweet red wines. Enjoy Nebbiolo wines with Chicken Cacciatore. Fine Nebbiolo wines such as Barolo have their own food pairings.

Nebbiolo wine starts at about $15 and the sky is the limit. In the $15 you might try the Dessilani Spanna Riserva. It's smoky and rich in minerals but probably won't age well. In my review I Love Italian Wine And Food - The Aosta Valley Region - Piedmont wine I described a Travaglini Gattinara 2001 DOCG that was very powerful and yet delicate. It cost $28. To be fair fairly recently I tasted this wine (I believe it was a 2002) and was quite disappointed. Perhaps it hadn't aged enough. By the way, my tasting group was uniformly negative on this wine which was a new wine for most of them. Before this negative experience I tasted this producer's 1999 Riserva Gattinara DOCG that required about a 45 minute ride to the only wine store in my area that carried it for $33. It was out of this world as described in my review I Love Italian Wine And Food - Riserva Wines. My favorite major wine store now carries plenty of the 2000 vintage but the price has increased to $50 and I haven't tried it yet. Once burnt, twice shy.

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