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Sparkling Wine And Food Pairing

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What You Need To Know About Sparkling Wine And Food

Sparkling wine is fun. It may be sweet, it may be dry. It may be relatively pedestrian or it may be jet-setter juice. It may be relatively inexpensive or it may "couter les yeux de la tête," roughly translated as eye-poppingly expensive. Suggested food pairings include Fried Fish, Fried Shrimp or Oysters, Feta Cheese, and Crab Louis Salad. Or with just about anything. Sparkling wine is fun.

We are not going to suggest any expensive Champagne-type sparklers here but simply mention a few moderately priced choices. We hope you don't mind. For about $10 try the pear and hazelnut-flavored Yellow Tail Sparkling White Wine Australia NV (non-vintage)which is a bit sweet. For about $17 try the Antech Brut Crément de Limoux Cuvée Expression. It tastes of green apples, citrus, honey, nuts, and pears, with some citrus rind. While Brut means very little sugar this wine is a bit sweet. A good, old favorite of mine is the German Henkell Trocken for about $12. I like its light apple and melon tastes with just a bit of yeast. Ifyou don't care to drink too much, this sparkling wine comes in 3-200ml bottles (just enough for two) at about $10.

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