The Valpolicella Wine And Food Experience

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Valpolicella Wine And Food Pairing

Valpolicella vineyard in early spring

Valpolicella vineyard, home of ordinary and quite fine wines

What You Need To Know About Valpolicella Wine And Food

Valpolicella is a popular, fruity red wine made in the Tre Venezie region of northeastern Italy. Valpolicella comes in a variety of styles from a basic dry wine tasting of cherries or stewed cherries to a sweet red wine, made from specially dried grapes. Suggested food pairings include Beef Strogonoff, Hamburgers, Flounder, and Gouda Cheese.

Valpolicella starts at about $8. When transformed into Ripasso or Amarone the price goes up substantially. Allegrini is a good producer and you'll pay about $14 for their Valpolicella, about $55 for their Recioto, and $70 for their Amarone. As you may guess from their prices, these three wines are quite different, as are the recommended food pairings. But they all start as (or end as) Valpolicella. By the way, their Valpolicella is Italy's eleventh most popular wine, and believe me, there's a whole lot of competition.

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