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Barbera Wine And Food Pairing

Pouring Barbera wine

Barbera wine, a fine Italian choice

What You Need To Know About Barbera Wine And Food

Barbera is a popular Italian grape, found mostly in the northern region of Piedmont. It is widely grown in California as well. Its juice is dark and acidic with a low level of tannin. It has a fruity, floral nose and a distinctive taste of red fruits and black cherries. Barbera-based wine is usually consumed within a few years of bottling, but it does age well. As you might guess, Barbera-based wines tend to go with Italian food such as Veal Marsala, Antipasto, Pizza, and Parmesan Cheese, but also is fine with Beef Stroganoff and Hamburgers.

Barbera starts at about $10-12 a bottle. In my article I Love Italian Wine and Food - The Piedmont Region I reviewed a Suŕ Rosso Barbera d’Asti Villa Giada 2004 Andrea-Faccio Viticoltore for the fantastic price of about $12. Its tastes included tobacco, leather, cherry, and black cherry. I was under the impression that I was drinking the cousin of a $40 bottle of wine. A fine producer is Braida di Giacomo Bologna; you'll pay about $25 for this wine whose flavors include ripe figs, tar, and violets. In the $40 range go for a Michele Chiarlo Barbera d'Asti Superiore La Court a complex wine which tastes of stone fruits, especially cherries. Chiarlo's family have been associated with wine for seven generations.

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