What wine with baked short beef ribs?...

Baked Short Beef Ribs And Wine

Baked short ribs plus what wine?

Delicious baked short ribs

What You Need To Know About Baked Short Beef Ribs And Wine

Short ribs are a popular cut of beef. Beef short ribs are larger and usually more tender and meatier than their pork counterpart. A full slab of short ribs is usually about 10 inches square, and 3 to 5 inches thick. It contains three or four ribs with a layer of boneless meat and fat. Short ribs may be baked, braised, barbecued or simmered. The French and Koreans are noted for their short ribs.

In addition to the wines mentioned in our food pairing table you might consider Australian Shiraz, a California Merlot, or if you want to go all out, a French Chateauneuf-du-Pape.

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